What Is This Blog About?


This blog will be about Web Development Topic. I will group the articles on the blog into 4 major categories. Such as Web Development, UI/UX Design, Graphic Design, and Freelance Story.

Web Development

This category is the main category that will discuss topics around website development, both Front-End, and Back-End. Specifically, I will discuss Front-End Frameworks such as Vue JS, Nuxt JS, and Back-End Frameworks, namely Laravel.

UI/UX Design

I include this category to complement the main category. This topic is important to discuss. Because before building a website we need to design and conduct research on users. This topic will discuss UX Design, UI Design, and UX Writing related to website applications.

Graphic Design

I entered this category to support the UI/UX category. Because UI is very closely related to visuals. Such as Hero Images, Icons, Illustrations, etc. This category will also discuss the use of FOSS to create designs.

Freelance Stories

This category will discuss my stories as a freelance website developer. Starting from experience as a freelancer, how to learn, how to get clients, and other experiences.

So those are some of the things that I will discuss and share on this blog, I hope this blog is useful.

Thank you, See you in the next post.!

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